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Best WordPress Hosting

Looking for the best WordPress hosting? In this guide we explain what elements to consider in your decision.

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What is Web Hosting?

Creating your website is just half of the complete process. The website you create is stored on your local hard drive on your laptop or computer. People all over the world can’t access your website from your hard drive as your laptop or computer never stay on 24/7.

What you need is to store your website on a server somewhere that runs 24/7, so people can access your website a day, any time, from anywhere in the world. Your website is accessed using your domain name. The domain name for each website is unique.

In simple terms, hosting is uploading your website to a server that is owned by a company. Through that server, people can access your website at any time. You don’t own the server, you use the functionalities and pay the hosting site for it. The hosting sites also help you choose your domain name.

For this guide, our focus is on hosting alone.  The hosting plans such as duration, rates, and features may differ but in the end, the functionality of hosting remains the same. Some functionalities of web hosting include email accounts, databases, website, FTP files upload, WordPress and website building tools. We’ll look into factors such as hosting websites, requirements, the process of hosting, etc.

best wordpress hosting

WordPress Hosting

To put it into simple words, WordPress hosting is similar to normal hosting where you upload and configure your website. The difference is that WordPress hosting is optimized specifically for WordPress websites in terms of speed, security, performance, etc. Some hosting sites specifically include on their page that their hosting service is specially optimized for WordPress. 

When you configure your normal website it takes some time and effort. Most WordPress hosts are configured with one click to install WordPress. This process is seamless and effortless. You just need to click a button and the hosting site will do everything for you such as configuring your WordPress website and uploading its contents.

Now before you move on and start to host your website, you need to understand two basic types of WordPress hosting. These two are described in detail below.

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Elements to Consider before picking YOUR wordpress Hosting PROVIDER

  1. Speed: This is one of the most important elements to look for when choosing a hosting. The user visiting your website will not wait forever for it to load. The user wants the website to load instantly or they switch to a different website. The waiting span of users is too low and thus you should look for a hosting that offers high speed to load your website.
  1. Up Time: This is the duration of time for which your website remains online. This guarantees that whenever someone visits your website, it will be online for them. You should look for 99% up time hosting.
  1. Security: What the use if you’re data or content is not safe from intruders. Look for hosting that provides high security to your website such as encryption, malware scanning, etc.
  1. Support: Look for a hosting that has good reviews about its customer support. If you have any problem they will guide you and solve it. Look for a 24/7 support hosting.
  1. Reviews: Always look at customer reviews of hosting before purchasing one. The reviews will provide you a clearer picture of what you’re getting ginto.

Shared WordPress hosting

As stated in the name, with this type of hosting you will be sharing the host. What exactly is the host? Well, the host is nothing but a server where your website resides. It works 24/7. In this type of hosting you will be sharing a server that contains other websites too. This is hosting usually comes at a cheaper price relative to Managed WordPress Hosting.

Even though the server is being shared, the host offers performance optimization for your WordPress website. Along with performance it also includes the features of a one-click installer for WordPress. The first month on this hosting is cheaper, and the next month comes to the usual price. This type of hosting can be preferred by beginners who are just stepping into hosting.

Another feature of shared hosting is that it automatically upgrades your WordPress software so you need not manually do it. You don’t need to worry about upgrading it and this directly affects the security. With regular updates and security patches, your website will be secured to some extent from external threats and attacks.

Additionally, not all but some hosts also update your plug-ins along with themes on your WordPress website. This feature may not be available on some hosting services so do Google it before proceeding with a hosting service.

Managed WordPress Hosting

Managed WordPress Hosting comes with some additional perks. It includes all the functionalities and features of Shared WordPress Hosting like security, optimized performance, and automatic upgrades. Additional perks include faster speeds, better security, server-side caching and regular malware scans. 

These types of hosts also offer staging sites. Staging sites allow you to test the changes that you make to your website before running your website live. This is beneficial as you can test the changes you made, find and fix bugs before putting your website live.

This hosting is more expensive than Shared WordPress Hosting and falls in the range of $25+. With additional perks, you’ll have to pay additional money too. This is for more advanced websites. High traffic sites should opt for this hosting as it has many more features that are beneficial for them.

Conclusion - WordPress hosting

As a beginner, you should go for shared WordPress hosting as it is cheaper in the first year. For high traffic, websites go for managed WordPress hosting as it’s the better option.

Our Test Winner: BlueHost

Based on our extensive reviews oft the best WordPress hosting providers, we recommend considering BlueHost for hosting your WordPress website.

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