Get exposure for your WordPress theme, plugin and any other WordPress related business or service.

Are you a WordPress developer, designer or service provider? Do you create WordPress themes and plugins or run a WordPress related business?

You can now submit your WordPress product or service to There is no fee. Just give us content and we will promote you and give your product or business the exposure it deserves. Easy as that. Together, we’ll help users find great WordPress-based tools and services.

We accept and list:

  • WordPress Themes
  • WordPress Plugins
  • WordPress Stores and Shops
  • WordPress Hosting Providers
  • Any other WordPress-Related businesses and services


Benefits of Listing your WordPress Product or Service

There are several benefits of listing your WordPress tools and services at WPReviewsPro. The following is a breakdown of some of the advantages.

  • You get more exposure for your product, service and business. If you’re a WordPress developer, submitting your theme or plugin to our site can help promote it and can generate more sales besides what you currently make from your own website or marketplace where you’re already listed.
  • There is no listing fee.
  • Customers and users can leave reviews on your listings, which will get you more social proof.
  • We will feature your theme or plugin in our roundups/collections.
  • We will share your product or service on our social media handles and include it in our weekly email newsletter.
  • You can make multiple submissions.


Submission Guidelines & Requirements

  • Provide us with at least 500 words of original content describing your theme, plugin or business (more is better). Add as much details as possible about your product or service. No part of the submission’s content should be copied from your website or used elsewhere. Original content written specifically for your WPReviewsPro listing will attract more search traffic and more sales for you.
  • Include a featured image for your listing – probably a screenshot of the theme or plugin. The featured image’s size should be 845×475 pixels. You can also include other accompanying images but an image should not be more than 100 kb.
  • Only submissions with original content will be published. We will pass the content through plagiarism software to authenticate its uniqueness.
  • The content should be well-written in proper English without grammatical errors. Should be easy to read and understand for users.
  • Don’t do anything spammy or morally unacceptable. This can be a bit subjective, but let’s keep it clean. Every submission will be manually reviewed.
  • Your product or service must be appealing and useful to WordPress users.
  • Look around the site to have an idea of the type of content we publish.
  • You must include a link to your website, sales page or demo page.


How to Submit Your Product or Service

Use the form below to submit your WordPress theme, plugin or business to our website. We will review your submission and notify you if approved.

You can also send us your submission details via email at [email protected]. Your emailed submission must still include all the required details and adhere to our submission guidelines. We accept Ms Word and Google Docs.

Please Contact Us if you have any questions.


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